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Secret Service agent Jared Coughlin is assigned to the protection detail of presidential candidate Senator Charles Robinson. While inspecting the Senator’s condo, Jared encounters three German burglars. Although he shoots one, he is wounded by another. As he lay on the floor close to death, he sees a 1941 photo of his mother with a young version of Senator Robinson.  

Although the Senator claims the woman in the photo was not Jared’s mother and denies knowing her, Coughlin begins delving into Robinson’s past to learn the truth. Despite orders from his boss to desist from his inquires and getting stonewalled by the FBI, he pursues his investigation, enlisting the help of Stephanie Graham his new love and daughter of his mother’s old friend, both of whom crewed on the civilian submarine patrol boat during WW II on which Jared’s father drowned. 

During his search for the circumstances surrounding his father’s death, Jared discovers the Senator has two sets of fingerprints in the FBI database. He also determines that the German burglars in the Senator’s home are members of the notorious Baader Meinhof gang, and after their attempted theft were secretly flown out of the country by the German embassy.

Despite Coughlin’s belief that Robinson is not who he pretends to be and murdered his father during that fateful civilian yacht patrol, he remains on Robinson’s protective detail as the presidential candidate campaigns from coast to coast, during which he prevents the assassination of the Senator by a member of Baader-Meinhof. 

Jared and Stephanie become lovers but are torn apart by his dogged efforts to expose the Senator’s murky past and her determination to adopt a delinquent teen who falsely accuses Jared of rape. Despite Stephanie’s vehement objections, Jared kidnaps Robinson aboard his boat, eluding his brother agents and a ruthless airborne killer under cover of dense fog.

Under gunpoint, Jared forces the Senator to confess his role as a double agent in the highest echelons of German intelligence during the Second World War, who thwarted a planned Nazi attack on the United States.

At the end of the War, Jared appropriates the key to preventing a Neo-Nazi plot to use the confiscated billions of dollars stolen from murdered Jews during the Holocaust, booty designed to decimate the world economy in the last half of the 21st century.

When Jared is seriously wounded by German gunfire, the Senator discloses startling information about Jared’s parents that will alter the lives of Jared and the Senator himself irrevocably.

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Reader Reviews

THE CANDIDATE IS A WINNER I can't begin to tell you how much I liked this book, ("This Man's Father," re-titled "The Candidate"). Has action, intrigue, romance (without being sappy). It is obvious that the author has much knowledge about the subjects covered. Mr. Quinn, you have a winner here. I can't wait to read your other book.

Granny Frets

Granny Frets

AN EXCITING NEW AUTHOR Jack Quinn is a novice novelist in his 70's. You'd never know it from reading his two books! I've read both, "This Man's Father"(new title, "The Candidate") and "The Testimony of Two Witnesses". If you like plots with real excitement over what seems every page, if you like complex characters that unfold as the novel evolves, you'll love each of these books. Perhaps it takes life experience to give an author the depth to create novels like these.



TWO GREAT STORIES IN ONE, LINKED BY A SECRET The author set the pace of the book. The tension was at times almost unbearable. The descriptive passages gave me some relief, but almost immediately Mr. Quinn upped the ante and I move on, but it was impossible. His characters were so clearly etched; the plot so moving, I had to stay with Mr. Quinn until he which I will put into my collection labeled "books to re-read.



A STORY OF TWO ADVERSARIES LINKED TOGETHER Herein lies a 35 year old conundrum linking a Secret Service Agent who spoils a plot to assassinate a US Senator and presidential candidate, who is not the man he seems to be. A worthwhile use of the reader's time with heart-wrenching details and twists and turns like you would never expect. Mission accomplished: a great read.

Amazon Customer

Amazon Customer

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The Testimony of Two Witnesses- Coming Soon

When disreputable public defender Jake Cotnoir is coerced into representing a nameless old Frenchman accused of murdering the French Deputy Ambassador to the UN, Jake initially believes the trial will create international interest and return him to his previous fame and fortune. But when his client speaks no English, refuses to identify himself, provide information on his background or participate in his own defense, Jake launches an investigation across two continents that reveals that the accused is not French, but an expatriate American; not just a murderer, but a political assassin; committed treason by disobeying a direct order from President Roosevelt during World War ll; and is an unsung hero who saved thousands of French Jews from death in Nazi concentration camps.

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About the Author

Jack Quinn majored in English Literature and creative writing at Brown University and took MFA courses on the novel and screenplay at Emerson University. He adapted one of his novels to a screenplay that was optioned by a Hollywood producer, and has written three novels that were published as eBooks on Amazon/Kindle.

Mr. Quinn has also published articles in Cruising World and Blue Water Sailing. An avid distance sailor, Jack has cruised the US east coast, Canadian Maritimes, Lake Michigan, the French Riviera and circumnavigated Newfoundland.

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